The Fight Hunger Games 2.0

In 2019, we ran our first Fight Hunger Games event, featuring a food drive in the mall and an outdoor family games day. We received a good response, but times have changed and that format just doesn't work right now.

That's why this year we're launching the Fight Hunger Games 2.0. This exciting fundraising event has two parts to it.

Part 1 - Game-a-Thon!


1) Decide on your team - it could be your family, a group of friends, coworkers, etc. Of course, if you'd like to participate on your own, that's okay too! Video games are a great option that allow for individual participation.

2) Decide what game you/your team will play - Anything is fair game. (See what we did there?) You can opt for a video game like Mario Kart or Fortnite, a board game like Monopoly (bonus points if your whole team is still alive at the end!), an RPG like Dungeons & Dragons, or a sport like soccer. As long as it's a game, you're good! *Please follow all COVID restrictions. If your team is made up of people who are outside of your household, please choose a game that can be played virtually, or outdoors if current regulations allow.

3) Decide how long you/your team will play - You set the number of hours you'll be playing your chosen game(s). The longer you play, the more money you raise.

4) Choose the day you'll complete your Game-A-Thon, from June 1 to 13.

5) Find sponsors - Get family, friends, and that guy down the street you've talked to a couple times to donate to you/your team based on how long you plan to play. For example, say you've decided you're going to play for 5 hours - ask Aunt Jessie to pledge $10/hr for a total donation of $50.

6) Play your game for your chosen amount of time and raise some funds for a great cause!

Part 2 - Fortnite Tournament!


The tournament will be held on June 12 & 13. There are two age brackets: 13 & under, and 14 & over.*

Each tournament participant will have a one- to two-hour window in which to play three ‘solo’ rounds of Fortnite, and the average of their scores will determine their placement in the tournament. Depending on the number of entrants, play will be in up to four rounds throughout the weekend.

Because players won’t be able to come together for an in-person tournament, entrants will be required to send photo proof of their scores to tournament organizers.

There will be prizes for the winners! More will be added, but so far prizes include:

13 & Under: V-Bucks, $25 Cornucopia Gift Certificate, Lego set from the Brickspace

14 & Over: V-Bucks, $25 Cornucopia Gift Certificate, $25 East Street Pizza Co Gift Certificate

* Anyone registered for the 13 & under age bracket will need to have a parent sign a form consenting to their child's participation. St. Vincent Place will be in touch after receiving the registration.