Volunteer with Lunches for Learning

Are you interested in volunteering with our Lunches for Learning program? Learn more about what's involved, then complete the form below and we'll be in touch soon.

*Please note that due to the timing of the tasks involved with Lunches for Learning, it is not a viable option for high school students. We are happy to have students help out with our events, so please see those pages for more information.*

How you can help


Our greatest need is for drivers to help deliver packages to the families unable to pick up. Deliveries go out every Friday. Most volunteers do their deliveries in the morning (leaving St. Vincent Place between 9 and 10am), but if you can help later in the day, we're happy to accommodate that.

All deliveries are divided into routes so that drivers are able to stick to one area of town, and we can make the route as large or small as you feel comfortable with.


The pick-up window for clients who do not get their packages delivered is Fridays from 10am to 1pm. We have a list of volunteers who rotate weeks manning the desk and giving out the packages as clients arrive. There are busy moments and quiet moments, so volunteers are welcome to bring a book, crossword, or other activity to pass the time during the quiet moments.


Some items - such as crackers and cookies - are purchased in bulk and need to be divided. The timing for packaging the bulk items is very flexible, it can be any time Tuesday or Wednesday.