Lunches for Learning


Back to school is an exciting time.

Parents and kids are kept busy shopping for new clothes, indoor shoes, haircuts, binders, pencils, backpacks - and lunchboxes. Unfortunately, with all the added expenses, for some parents there just isn't enough money left over to fill those lunch boxes consistently and with good, filling meals and snacks.

One in five children are at risk of going to school hungry. When kids are hungry at school, it can have very real, negative consequences: kids who are hungry at school are more likely to have lower grades, have to repeat years, and struggle with developmental impairments. Additionally, when students have a small (or no) lunch at school, they might be embarrassed and impacted socially.

That's why we're launching the Lunches for Learning campaign at St. Vincent Place. Each $20 donation to this program will allow us to provide a package with one to two weeks' worth of school-safe lunch foods to students.

Each package will contain such school lunch products as: granola bars, crackers, juice boxes, fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwich bread, puddings, fruit cups, cheese strings/slices, and yogurt cups.

Lunches for Learning packages will be available on Fridays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Please pre-arrange your pickup by calling 705-253-2770 ext. 4 or emailing Delivery can be available for those with transportation issues. Deadline to sign up for a package each week will be Thursday by 11:00am.

If you can volunteer to help out with the Lunches for Learning program, we're currently looking for volunteers to help out either 9:45am-12pm or 12-2:15pm on Fridays, every few weeks on a rotating schedule. If you can help out, or to find out more about what's involved, get in touch today.