Lunches for Learning


One in five children are at risk of going to school hungry. When kids are hungry at school, it can have very real, negative consequences: kids who are hungry at school are more likely to have lower grades, have to repeat years, and struggle with developmental impairments. Additionally, when students have a small (or no) lunch at school, they might be embarrassed and impacted socially.

That's why we've launched the Lunches for Learning program at St. Vincent Place. Each weekly package contains enough school-safe lunch foods for the children's week: granola bars, crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwich bread, cookies, fruit cups, cheese strings, yogurt tubes, tuna, and deli meat.

If you'd like to support the program, you can make a donation below. Click on "Donate Monthly" to sponsor a family and ensure the long-term viability of the program.


Starting in the 2023/2024 school year, registration for the Lunches for Learning program will be completed through your child's school. Teachers and principals will provide families in need with the program application form. Once completed and returned to the schools, we will collect the applications and contact the families. If you complete an application, be sure to check your email frequently for an update as we do not contact by phone unless you don't have internet access. All communication for the program is completed via email.

We expect to receive more applications than we have spots in the program, so as in past years we will maintain a waitlist. Applications will be available throughout the school year through your child's school.

No applications will be accepted directly to St. Vincent Place.

For questions about Lunches for Learning, contact Sara at 705-253-2770 ext. 202 or