Make It Monthly

Make a difference... monthly!

Monthly donors are dedicated, passionate individuals who are committed to providing long-term, regular support to St. Vincent Place. There is no minimum monthly donation amount required  - even a small monthly donation adds up to a large impact on the community. Your commitment to providing regular support to St. Vincent Place is more important than the dollar amount of your monthly donation.

Why should you Make it Monthly?

It's Affordable

There is no donation too small. For as little as $0.50 a day, you can provide a monthly food bank package to an individual. Even $5 a month adds up to a big impact.

It's Easy

You can set up monthly payments from your credit or debit card and the donation will be made automatically every month. No having to set yourself reminders or worry about picking up stamps to send a cheque.

It's Flexible

Not only can you choose the amount of your monthly donation, you can also choose where your donation goes. You can choose to have it put towards our food bank, Lunches for Learning program, Period Pantry, or residence, or make it a general donation that will be put wherever it is most needed. You can also make changes to your monthly donation at any time.

It's Effective

Your commitment to providing regular support we know we can expect helps us to plan for the long-term. Your monthly donation helps to sustain our work in the community.