Most of what we do runs on the hard work of our amazing, dedicated volunteers. Although we have a large contingent of volunteers, we are always happy to hear from others who want to help out.

Generally speaking, our food bank is set with enough volunteers, but there are other ways you can help.

Thrift Store

If you are available during the day throughout the week (the Thrift Store is open Monday to Friday 11am-3pm), we'd love to have you join us in our Thrift Store. Whether you have an hour a week to spare or want to come in daily, we can always use a hand sorting donations and keeping things tidy. Feel free to fill out our Volunteer Application and someone will be in touch soon!

Lunches for Learning

If you can help out for a couple hours every few weeks on a Friday, consider volunteering for Lunches for Learning. This would involve just providing clients with their Lunch packages when they arrive to pick them up. The day is broken up into two "shifts" - 9:45a-12pm and 12-2:15pm - and volunteers work one of these shifts every few weeks on a rotating schedule. Exactly how often depends on the number of volunteers

To volunteer for this, contact Sara at vincentplacepr@shaw.ca or 705-253-2770 ext. 4.

Soup Kitchen

Our Soup Kitchen runs on a team system. If you've got a group of like-minded people who want to help out, we're happy to have you. Here's how it works:

Our Soup Kitchen serves dinners on Wednesdays and lunches on Saturdays. Each team signs up for either Wednesday or Saturday, and the teams will then rotate serving the meal on their designated day. The frequency with which teams will have their turn varies based on the number of teams we have that year - right now, we've got 13 teams on Wednesdays and 12 teams on Saturdays, so each team serves a meal about every 3 months, for a total of 4 meals throughout the year. The Soup Kitchen schedule is set in early December for the following year, so teams have plenty of time to plan for their turns.

So what exactly is involved in the teams' turns serving? Each team is responsible for planning, purchasing, preparing, serving, and cleaning up after the meal when it is their turn. Wednesday teams need to prepare a dinner - often pasta, pork tenderloin, or a stew - while Saturday teams need to prepare sandwiches (we take care of preparing soup to go with them). We generally recommend that a team have from 6-10 members, but meals can be served successfully with as few as 4, and it's never a bad thing to have more team members available in case someone is unavailable.

The number of individual meals served varies based on the point in the month, but we generally recommend that teams are prepared to serve about 100 to 150 meals.

Depending on what is served, the cost usually comes in at around $150-200 per meal. To cover that cost, some teams will do fundraising, collect among church groups, or find a business sponsor. Some teams are groups of coworkers that are sponsored by their employer.

If you think you might be interested in starting a soup kitchen team, get in touch with Sara (contact info below). To ensure you can make it onto the 2021 schedule, get in touch by early November 2020.

​Sara McCleary
Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator
705-253-2770 ext. 4