Volunteer Recognition – Mary Ann Clark

St Vincent Place volunteer

This month we’re happy to recognize thrift store volunteer Mary Ann Clark.

For close to two years now, Mary Ann Clark has been bringing joy and positivity to those around her at St. Vincent Place.

St. Vincent Place is lucky to have someone as energetic and enthusiastic as Mary Ann volunteering in our thrift store, helping to sort and price the donations that come in. Not only is Mary Ann upbeat, thrift store employee Charlotte also describes Mary Ann as “organized, decisive, hardworking, knowledgeable, and dedicated.”

Mary Ann is also popular among staff and other volunteers for her generosity.

“Mary Ann brings in delicious baking – best blueberry muffins ever! – and shares with all team members,” said Charlotte. “On many occasions she has surprised us with coffee from McDonald’s.”

Elizabeth, the thrift store manager, also appreciates Mary Ann for her dependability, coming in to help out nearly every day. Charlotte has relied on Mary Ann to keep an eye on the thrift store on busy days.

“A few times I was up front at cash and suspected funny stuff going on with customers in the far room. She was quick to go check out the situation and resolve it in a timely manner. Much appreciated,” said Charlotte.

In recent weeks, Mary Ann has stretched her helping hand out even further, starting to help out in the food bank as needed as well. No matter where she is helping out or what she is doing, Mary Ann is a welcome addition to the St. Vincent Place team.

As Elizabeth put it, “Mary Ann is a very hard working advocate for our store and St. Vincent Place in general.”