Volunteer Recognition – Ted Giroux

This month, we recognize thrift store volunteer Ted Giroux!

Ted has been helping out in our thrift store for ten years now, ever since it was located on Dennis St. He comes in every day ready to help however he can.

“Ted is Mr. Fix-it, especially with electronics,” said thrift store employee Charlotte. “He is security at the door during this covid situation, and in the store helping the public with carrying in donations – sometimes full truckloads – taking signs out, and helping to close up the store at night. I appreciate all he does!”

Elizabeth, the thrift store manager, loves to watch Ted interact with the store’s customers.

“He comes every day and is so friendly with staff and customers,” she said. “He always has a story to tell. He knows so many people and can talk about anything!”

Elizabeth added that Ted is a very hard worker who is dedicated to keeping staff, volunteers, and customers happy and safe. “He make sure that almost everyone leaves with a smile on their face,” she said.

Charlotte agrees, saying that Ted “is funny and makes everybody laugh. He loves to shoot the breeze with customers and they miss him when he is not there. He is cheerful 99.9% of the time. Sometimes Ted doesn’t feel well, but he works hard and doesn’t feel sorry for himself.”

Charlotte, Elizabeth, and all the other thrift store volunteers enjoy working with Ted, and St. Vincent Place is happy to have him as part of our family. Thank you for everything, Ted!