Food Bank Shelves Getting Low

It’s that time of year – the shelves in our food bank are starting to get quite bare.

Are you interested in running a food drive at your workplace, school, or in your neighbourhood to support our food bank? We have a guide to getting started planning a food drive, as well as several posters and social media shareables you can use.

If you don’t see one you like or that fits your theme, or you want our logo to make your own, get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to help ensure your food drive goes smoothly however we can.

Our food bank helps over 300 people every month. Your donations make a very real difference in our clients’ lives.

Did you know – Many people think that it’s better to donate money to the food bank because we can get more bang for our buck, but that’s not generally the case. While some larger food banks in cities like Toronto have more buying power, we generally pay the same shelf price for food that you would. So in fact, in donating food you’re helping to save us money because we don’t have to pay for the manpower and gas to go to the stores!