July Food Bank Stats

In July 2021, our food bank helped 237 families. That breaks down as:

164 single-person households
46 two-person households
13 three-person households
10 four-person households
2 five-person households
2 six-person households

Based on the costs of each package (if you missed our last post breaking it down, check it out here), that works out to:

Single person households = $6,314
Two-person households = $2,380.50
Three-person households = $783.25
Four-person households = $777.50
Five-person households = $191.50
Six-person households = $241.00

TOTAL = $10,687.75 worth of food given out in our food bank in July. This brings our year-to-date total to $74,439.

Many thanks to those who made monetary or food donations towards our food bank to support this work, as well as our volunteers who work directly with our clients.