Volunteer Recognition – Linda Lapish

Linda volunteers in our Food Bank.
This month, St. Vincent Place is recognizing a very special volunteer who was recommended by so many others as a great person deserving of acknowledgment: Linda Lapish. Fran Barker, our volunteer food bank coordinator, called Linda “a perfect choice for volunteer of the month.” “She always goes the extra mile to make sure the clients are entertained at reception! That is not easy as it can be a long tedious duty, but not for Linda,” said Fran. Another great food bank volunteer, Pat Mathews, said that Linda represents the values everyone at St. Vincent Place aspires to display. “She has a patient ear and truly listens to those Vincent Place clients who share their hurts and sorrows and struggles in life,” said Pat. “She laughs and shares their joys when good things happen to them.” Linda is known for bringing in gifts and treats for the clients, as well as decorating her desk for holidays – often coming in early to do so. At Halloween, she even brings in goodies and dresses up to make the evening fun for everyone! “She truly cares about others, often bringing in her own cupcakes or treats for those waiting for their turn to get their food,” said Pat. “Everyone looks forward to the ‘little surprises’ that she plans around the special occasions during the year.” Fran said she is always amazed by Linda’s creativity. “She also helps with the decorating for the Christmas dinner and keeps me in line when I put out a less than desirable ornament!” laughed Fran. Her kindness and generosity are always noticed around St. Vincent Place. Fran said she feels blessed to have Linda around to help on Wednesday nights, and is always happy when Linda pops in to help out on Mondays. And Pat has noticed that if you see Linda checking the food bank shelves to see what is missing, “soon some will appear like magic!” St. Vincent’s is so grateful to Linda Lapish for everything she does to help our clients and even the other volunteers. As Fran so perfectly put it, “While she is always giving gifts, she is really our gift!”