Volunteer Recognition – Peter Hewgill

This month we recognize volunteer Peter Hewgill.

Peter volunteers in our soup kitchen on Serge Viau’s team “Friends Who Care.” This is the team’s, and Peter’s, third year with St. Vincent Place.

“Peter is in charge of the kitchen duties for our Saturday lunches,” said Serge. “He gets the soup ready and pours it into the containers for us to pack. He also cleans all the dishes, puts them away, and disinfects all counters.”

Serge thought Peter deserves recognition for all his hard work and his cheerfulness.

“Peter is always calm, even in a crisis,” said Serge. “He is always positive and smiles a lot.”

Peter also often makes recommendations to the team for ways they can improve. Serge said that when the soup kitchen processes changed at the start of the pandemic, Peter embraced those changes and made suggestions to keep the team efficient.

Thank you, Peter, for helping provide meals for those in need!