Volunteer Recognition – Sonia & Frank Dube

For April, we’re happy to recognize husband and wife duo, Sonia and Frank Dube!

Sonia and Frank have been regular volunteers in our food bank for years. Not only do they help out regularly in the food bank when it’s open, they come in frequently to bag the bulk items to be given out in the packages.

“Sonia and Frank take care of all of distributing the food bank packages on a Saturday team and also come in during the week to package goods,” said Shauna DiGasparro, who heads up two food bank teams. “Sonia also makes sure that everything is clean all the time! If there is a break in the work, she is cleaning!”

Shauna adds that Sonia and Frank’s organization is important to helping the food bank run smoothly, even on very busy days.

“They are an integral part of our well-oiled machine,” said Shauna.

Even more than their work ethic, Sonia and Frank’s kindness really lights up the day of anyone they interact with at St. Vincent Place. When they arrive throughout the week, they always offer a friendly greeting to office staff before heading down to the food bank to get to work. Shauna agrees that the pair are “both so kind, genuine and funny. We always laugh and have fun no matter how stressful of a day we are having.”

Shauna adds that you can see how much they care about people in their interactions with clients and fellow volunteers.

“There have been a few incidents where I have had difficult interactions with clients,” said Shauna. “Sonia always makes sure she will come over later and tell me that I handled it well or follow up to make sure that I am okay. This really means the world to me to know how much she cares. We are really like a little family and I think the world of both of them.”

Thank you, Sonia and Frank, for all you do at St. Vincent Place!