Volunteer Recognition – Vic Wearn

This month we’d like to recognize one of our most hard-working food bank volunteers, Vic Wearn.

Most days, Vic’s car is already in the parking lot when staff arrive – it’s not unusual for him to get here at 6:30am. He spends his days cleaning, sorting, and organizing in the food bank.

“I don’t believe I could do without him,” said Fran, the SVP food bank coordinator. “He has taken over so many tasks with grace and super organizational skills. Our store rooms, for the first time, have an inventory – he can let you know the number of each item that we have!”

Vic has also helped out more than once with carpentry work around the food bank. When he told Fran he’d build a first aid station, she was expecting a simple shelf but, she says, “it’s much more elaborate and useful!”

Vic has never said no to helping with a task around St. Vincent Place if he’s able to do it, and if he hears of something that needs to be done, he’s the first to offer a hand. That’s led to him doing many food bank deliveries, sorting and organizing the pasta room (yes, just what it sounds like – a room dedicated to storing dry pasta!), and helping as needed with our Lunches for Learning program.

“Vic is such an asset and has become an important part of our Vincent Place family, to the point that if he is not there we’re all asking “where’s Vic?” said Fran.

Fran and the rest of the St. Vincent Place family would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to Vic for all he does and his dedication to helping others.